Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hot Summer Fantasy Checks

In the heat of mid-August a fire breathing dragon or scenes of the scorching desert show just how it feels. Hot. Too hot. Time to cool off with a summer breeze at the beach, spend a lazy day in a shady hammock, or grab something cold and refreshing (we all scream for ice cream!) Perhaps your dream is to sail away, or enjoy a tropical vacation. Do you fantasize about pinup girls in summer - there are checks featuring them, too! And wouldn't it be great to be a mermaid, swimming all day long!

Road trips are a fun adventure, and even a ride around town or out in the country can be a good way to beat the summer heat. I remember the first time I rode in an air conditioned car back in the early 60s. As we were coming to a stop for a traffic light I wondered to myself if the cold air would stop blowing when the car wasn't in motion. (I was about 10 years old, and this, as I said, was a new experience for me.)

Growing up in New Orleans, August was unbearably hot. We didn't have air conditioning at school or at home, and certainly not in our car! One of my family's favorite ways to cool off was to take a ferry boat ride in the evening, across the Mississippi River and back. We also had fun days at the long-gone amusement park, Pontchartrain Beach. On Sundays we often had barbecues on the lakefront.

What were your favorite summer memories? Your best summer fantasies? How do you cool off now in the heat of summer? Find your hot summer fantasy check theme below and click for more info, to see coordinating accessories, and to order.